Thank You (Miner's Song) - Single

by Reagan Boggs

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released April 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Reagan Boggs Bristol, Virginia

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Track Name: Thank You - (Miner's Song)
Thank You (Miner’s Song) By Reagan Boggs

He fills his thermos and coffee mug
He stops and picks up some jersey gloves
Throws em on his dinner bucket
Full of leftovers that he won’t heat up
Foggy winding up the hill on this long haul road
Hugging the edge as the rigs pass by too close
Mud in the floorboard dirt in the seats
This old work truck smells stale and sweet

He gets his lamp checks the charge
Picks his tag up off the board
Battery on his belt at the hip
Hops a ride with guys on the mantrip
Belly turns to butterflies going down that hole
He’s done this a 1000 times but you just never know
He can stand if he’s on his knees and no matter
The weather it’s 50 degrees

There’s a man with calloused hands
Who is loading that black rock
Risks his life for me to have all I’ve got
Nothing‘s glamorous about wearing that coal dust
But he does what he has to do
and I thank you

Overalls white with powdered lime
Keeps the dust down most of the time
Bolter drills on the section ahead
One wrong move and that boy could be dead
Miner’s making feet today we’ll see how far
Laying down driving this shuttle car
By shift end when it’s time to go home
The dampness has gone straight to the bone

We can light the night
Cause he’s in the dark
TVs blaring cell phones charged
He’s the reason for my job
Puts the steel in my car
I sit here in the central air
He’s out there . . . .and I thank you